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Opportunity Areas

With the number of travellers by road soaring to a record high, Kerala’s transportation sector is poised for a great growth. In addition to road transportation, opportunities in alternate modes of transport like air and waterways have also opened up in a big way. Inter-state and inter-district aviation services operating on budget fares will not only revolutionize the aviation sector in Kerala, but would also be a boon to tourists and business people alike. Luxury coaches plying between States and tourist centres too will be much welcomed.

Investment opportunities: Operation of aircrafts, luxury cars, luxury coaches, boats, steamers, sea planes, helicopters, taxis and laying of airstrips

Thanks to increasing domestic and international tourist arrivals to Kerala, the demand for world-class accommodation too has grown dramatically. There is tremendous opportunity for investors to set up hotels and resorts in the theme destinations of the State viz., beaches, backwaters, hill stations etc.

Today more and more tourists demand real experiences of the land. Stays in traditional Kerala Heritage homes is one of them. Not only will it offer visitors a taste of the authentic Kerala lifestyle which is becoming highly popular across the world, but would also be a profitable venture for investors.

Investment opportunities: Hotels, airport hotels, resorts (beach, hill resorts etc.), eco-lodges, bed and breakfast, guesthouses, homestays, camping facilities, caravans, recreating and promoting heritage homes

Travel and Tours
The increasing demand for varied tourism services and exclusive tour packages presents great opportunities in the field of travel and tours. Inbound and outbound tour operators who provide services ranging from airport assistance and ticket reservations to itinerary planning, conference arrangements, travel insurances etc. are in great demand along with other various service providing sectors.

City tours offering local sightseeing facilities and accredited guide agencies are other investment options. Elephant/horse/bullock cart safaris and other such novel activities can also be arranged for the tourists.

Investment opportunities: Travel agencies, tour operators, tourist taxi and transport operators

MICE Facilities
With the popularity of Kerala as a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) destination, the need for conference facilities in more inspiring surroundings has increased. There is also a rising demand for allied service providers like event managers and logistics providers.

Investment opportunities: Meeting hubs, convention centres along backwaters, beach and hill resorts, trade fairs, event organisers

HRD Institutions
There is a huge demand for trained and qualified manpower in the tourism sector. Hotels, travel agencies, tourism institutes and similar areas are constantly in need of skilled human resources and as such calls for much investment potential.
Though Kerala has some of the best training institutes in travel and tourism, the rapid growth of this sector has necessitated more such institutes of excellence.

Investment opportunities: Manpower training centres, guide training centres, hospitality management training institutes

Souvenir Shops
Kerala has its very own treasure trove of beautiful artefacts that are a feast for the senses. Much sought after by tourists in the domestic and international market alike, these exclusive handicrafts, besides paying a great tribute to the gifted craftsmen of the State will also guarantee a safe investment option for potential investors. The Department of Tourism has identified about 120 souvenirs of Kerala, which can be manufactured and/or marketed by interested people at the souvenir shops.

Investment opportunities: Handicraft shops, Kerala-specific souvenir shops, ethnic boutiques, traditional jewellery centres, manufacturing units

Cultural Village
Aimed at reviving the traditional industries, the Government of Kerala is setting up several cultural villages like the Iringal Craft Village and the Balaramapuram Handloom Village across the State. These villages provide a great opportunity for the traditional artistes, crafts people and handloom weavers who can manufacture and also sell their products to tourists and visitors directly. This will enable the craftsmen to get a good price for their products. In addition, the managing bodies will handle the marketing of products, relieving them of the marketing and sales problems.

Invest opportunities: Manufacturing units, shops, sales counter, guides, cafes

Hospitality Service Centre
The growing tourism industry has opened up a great demand for accommodation facilities, facilitating a number of hotels, motels, resorts and homestays. To make their operations smoother and easier, hotels and other accommodation places can outsource their services to hospitality service centres. These service centres will cater to all the needs of the hospitality industry including maintenance management, administration, laundry, security services etc. Training to staff, information systems, marketing and sales services too can be availed through these services centres.

Investment opportunities: Cleaning units, laundry service, catering centres, floral and decoration shops, training centres, maintenance (interior, exterior, gardening), administration, leisure zones, security and surveillance

Information Facilitation
Information centres at key destination points with multi-lingual services will be another sound investment option. These centres that can provide quick and accurate information will be highly appreciated by the tourists and the general public.

Investment opportunities: Information kiosks, guide agencies, publishing of maps, guides etc.

Wayside Amenity Centres
Acclaimed as one of the ten paradises of the world, domestic and international tourist inflow to Kerala has increased drastically in the last ten years. Most of the tourist destinations in Kerala are accessible only by road providing scope for immense opportunity in the development of wayside amenities.

Investment opportunities: Restaurants, motels, pay-and-use-toilets, snack bars, utility shops

Wellness Centres
Kerala, home to the ancient system of medicine Ayurveda, is also the only place where it is practised in its purest and authentic form. This science of holistic healing is today highly popular among the tourists. Ayurvedic spas and treatment centres promise excellent returns to investors. Health/Medical tourism is also growing at an amazing pace and Kerala with its world-class hospitals and highly skilled doctors - providing quality treatment at very economical rates - is fast becoming a preferred destination.

Investment opportunities: Ayurveda centres, wellness spas, health clubs, treatment centres, exclusive packages

Beachside Entertainment
Renowned for its long coastline Kerala’s palm-fringed beaches are a favoured destination for tourists, offering tremendous scope for the development of accommodation and recreational facilities.

Investment opportunities: Water skiing, surfing, snowboarding, canoeing, yachting, diving, underwater aquarium, recreational boat industry, sea food restaurants

Backwater Amenities
Fringing the coast of Kerala and winding far inland is the vast network of lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals that are both the basis of a distinct lifestyle and a fascinating thoroughfare. Travelling by houseboats along the backwaters is one of the highlights of a visit to Kerala and has been attracting hordes of visitors. There are plenty of waterways that are yet to be developed for leisure and transportation.

Investment opportunities: Backwater cruises, resorts, floating restaurants, floating cottages, watersport facilities like skis and speed boats, yachts and cruisers, recreational facilities like angling and fishing

Hill Station Facilities
Dominated by the Western Ghats on one side Kerala has many majestic hill stations. With plantations of tea and coffee that stretch across the valleys, these popular hill top destinations offer a lot of scope for investment. The Ghat section in Wayanad, for instance, enables the setting of aerial ropeways/cable cars which would attract a large number of tourists.

Investment opportunities: Herbal gardens, plantation tours, tree houses, golf courses, angling, cycling, boating, adventure sports like paragliding and rock climbing, recreational facilities like ropeways/cable cars

Jungle Attractions
Kerala with its stretches of virgin forestland houses many fascinating wildlife reserves. The enchanting mystery of the jungle and the tropical evergreen forests attracts tourists from all over the world. Private enterprises have immense opportunity to initiate new projects in this field.

Investment opportunities: Environmental-friendly accommodation, tree houses, multi-cuisine restaurants, plantation tours, wildlife safaris, spice tours, boat cruises, elephant safaris, bird watching

Adventure Sports
The diverse natural attractions of Kerala give ample opportunities for different types of adventure sports. The long coastline and the innumerable rivers, canals and backwaters present a variety of investment options from resorts and houseboats to water sports like kayaking and parasailing. White river rafting is another sport that is gaining popularity. The long coastline and the vast stretches of forests too offer many avenues for adventure sports-based investment opportunities.

Investment opportunities: Kayaking, parasailing, canoeing, water scooters, rowing, sky diving, water skiing, surfing, yachting, diving, snowboarding, paragliding, rock climbing, aerial ropeways, cable cars, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, micro-lite flying, bungee jumping, mountain biking, safaris, night camping etc.

Caravan Tourism
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