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Early Bird Incentives


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Early Bird Incentives

Kerala Seaplane operations has been inaugurated as a flagship project announced during the first anniversary of the present Government. Government have already offered certain incentives as part of the Early Bird Incentives by waiving the user fee at waterdromes, exemption of sales tax on ATF for seaplanes, permitting officers who are otherwise eligible for air journey to travel by seaplanes for official purposes as per rate approved by Government from time to time.

In addition to the above incentives to the Seaplane operators, Government have once extended the cut off date fixed as part of Early Bird incentives upto 30.4.2014, exclusive rights for 2 years for Government business to those who commence business before the cut off date, and a Committee was also constituted for fixing the rates of Government journey for Government business

Now in order to boost up investor's confidence and early launching of Sea plane operations ,Government are pleased to accord sanction some additional incentives as listed below along with the already proposed incentives announced earlier ,with a rider to limit the concession initially for one year and review after one year from the start of operations.

GO (Ms) No 188/2015/TSM dated 26.06.2015

The highlight of the incentives

Govt. shall guarantee a max. of 4 seats, if remaining vacant, in each trip having trip size of a minimum of 30 minute to a maximum of 60 minute duration, subject to a maximum of 4 trips daily, for 250 days per year initially for one year from date of start of operation by the particular operator. This early bird incentive shall be granted to the first two aircrafts or operators who start operations in Kerala using amphibian aircrafts of at least 9 seater capacity having all the required permissions to fly in Kerala as per rules in force. The rates at which the Govt. will pay for the above seats shall be Rs. 30/- per km per person, which will be reviewed after 6 months from start of operation.